Reus, Catalonia, Spain
13/09/2020 ~ in 3 months

BePilot - Course to become a Vueling Pilot


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BePilot - Course to become a Vueling Pilot


BePilot - Course to become a Vueling Pilot

The BePilot program is an initiative of Vueling Airlines, S.A. and CESDA that combines training and a possible direct professional career in Vueling. It is promoted with the aim of training young people with a university degree, as commercial aviation pilots, to, once they have passed the course, become part of the team of Vueling Airlines pilots.

This proposal offers the completion of the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) course, lasting about 24 months. After passing this phase, the students of the program will carry out the A320 type rating for 8 weeks and will be ready to be hired by Vueling as first officers.


The required 750 hours of theoretical face-to-face classes (14 ATPL subjects) are divided in 2 MODULES:

MODULE 1 covers 7 subjects (480 hours)

•              021 Aircraft General Knowledge (60 hours)

•              022 Instruments (60 hours)

•              040 Human Performance & Limitations (55 hours)

•              050 Meteorology (75 hours)

•              061 General Navigation (90 hours)

•              062 Radio Navigation (90 hours)

•              081 Principles of Flight (50 hours)

MODULE 2 covers the other 7 subjects (270 hours)

•              010 Air Law (50 hours)

•              031 Mass & Balance (40 hours)

•              032 Performance (50 hours)

•              033 Flight Planning & Monitoring (50 hours)

•              071 Operational Procedures (30 hours)

•              091 VFR Communication (20 hours)

•              092 IFR Communication (30 hours)

After each MODULE, Cadets will face the corresponding SENASA ATPL official exams. In order to be allowed to face each official exam, Cadets need first to pass CQB (CESDA Questions Bank).

Once Cadets pass all 14 SENASA exams, they will do the DA20/PA28 course and exam.



The course has 238 flight hours, divided in 4 FLIGHT PHASES:

•              RATP1: 82:30 SE flight hours (DA20)

•              RATP2: 50:30 SE flight hours (DA20/PA28) and 28:30 FNPT II hours (Diamond Simulation DA42)

•              RATP3: 10:00 ME flight hours (DA42) and 6:30 FNPT II hours (Diamond Simulation DA42)

•              RAPT4: 60:00 FNPT II MCC (ENTROL A32, A320)

Once all theoretical training has been completed, Cadets will move to a University Residence in Lleida to start RAPT1 and first part of RATP2 in Lleida (LEDA) airport, until they pass the CPL/SE flight exam in PA28.

Cadets will come back to Reus to finish flight training in Reus International Airport (LERS), where they will do the DA42 course and exam. They will complete RATP2 and RAPT3 before they face ME/IR flight exam in DA42.

Finally, they will do the MCC course (RAPT4) and the A320 Type Rating.