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Structural Repair Manual, Damage Recognition, Assessment and Reporting


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Structural Repair Manual, Damage Recognition, Assessment and Reporting


Structural Repair Manual, Damage Recognition, Assessment and Reporting


This online training course will give the participants the basic skills and confidence in how to use the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) to perform damage assessment, to select repair procedure, understand the repair method within the limits of the Structural Repair Manual (SRM). The course includes repair case studies that require the student to determine part identification, allowable damage limits, and detail metallic and composites repair options.


Learning Goals:

Upon completion of this advanced online training course, the students will be able to work with the Structural Repair Manual and will be able to: 


Module 1, About the Structural Repair Manual:

-Describe the three groups in which aircraft technical manuals can be divided;
-Describe the purpose of the SRM;
-Describe the purpose of the Frontmatter;
-Describe the purpose of Chapter 51 within the SRM;
-Describe the primary aircraft structure chapters within the SRM.

Module 2, Navigating the Structural Repair Manual:

-Explain the numbering system used in aircraft technical data;
-Explain the ATA 100 numbering system;
-Describe the three elements system within the SRM;
-Describe the use of different page blocks within the SRM chapter.

Module 3, Meaningfull Definitions:

-Describe the difference and meaning of primary and secondary structure;
-Describe the meaning of Fatigue Critical Baseline Structure (FCBS);
-Recognize and classify the most common damages on an aircraft/ aircraft component;
-Describe the three possible outcomes of damage assessments (allowable, repairable damage and replacement);
-The difference in repair categories;
-The meaning of flight cycles and hours.

Module 4, Damage Assessment:

-Check if effectivity is applicable and know how to find the applicable effectivity for the aircraft;
-Identify the damaged part and location;
-How to identify the damage;
-Find the allowable damage limits;
-Select the applicable repair procedure.

Module 5, Damage Reporting:

-Form an accurate and correct finding description;
-Describe the steps to narrow down the exact damage location;
-Describe the reason why uniformity is important;
-Describe the correct method making and adding photo(s) and/or sketches to a damage report;
-Describe the correct way of reporting to OEM.

Module 6, Theoretical Demonstration Casus:

-Learn how to perform a damage assessment by yourself.
-Work with the structural repair manual (step by step process).
-Find all the answers you need to determine whether a damage is allowable or needs to be repaired.

Module 7, Interpreting the Structural Repair Manual:

Describe the rules for the correct interpreting of the SRM.

Course Duration:

6 hours and 21 minutes.


Training Type:

-Video Presentation;
-Voice Over.
Methods and Conception:

Everyone can manage the learning pace and learning duration depending on each person possibilities.

You can choose perfect timing and comfortable place with internet access.





Minimum Requirements:

-Internet access;
-Able to read and understand technical aviation English language.

Group Size:

Unlimited size for online training


During this advanced online training course, interactive questions are asked, seeking that students better understand course material.


On the end of this training course (100% completion of the course)  there will be a "multiple choice questions examination". 

Pass mark – 75% or more; 
One (1) re-examination possible after failing the first attempt (if both attempts failed, full course has to be completed again).



Upon successful completion of this advanced online training course (75% or more), participants will receive their certificate online and can be downloaded.