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ATC2Pilot Aviation English - ICAO Level V and VI

£ 149

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£ 149

ATC2Pilot Aviation English - ICAO Level V and VI

£ 149

ATC2Pilot Aviation English - ICAO Level V and VI

An online Course with voice recognition, designed for international students - pilots, cadets and ATC - following ICAO radiotelephony and FAA (USA) requirements of knowledge for Radiotelephony.  

The ATC2Pilot online course offers 120 hours of aviation English practice, with instant feedback on clarity and pronunciation through unique speech recognition software. Designed for pilots, ATC and flight schools to reach ICAO language proficiency Levels V and VI. 

Our English Courses are used by airlines, including EVA Air, and have been developed in conjunction with EVA Flight Training Academy. 

Practise your aviation English in day-to-day operations, non-normal events and emergencies through real life scenarios both on the ground and in the air.

Course Content: 

Listening and comprehension

Ground Control, Departure Control, Final Approach

Describing Location

Runway, Approach, Taxiway, In the Air

Responding to ATC

Turbulence, Windshear, Traffic, Flight Conditions, Fog

Making Requests

ATC, Taxi Route, Altitude, Icing, Wind, Runway Change

Describing Situations

Birdstrike, Engine Failure, Low Fuel, Emergencies, Hydraulic Failure, Passenger problems, Aborted Take Off

Challenging Instructions

Refusal, Abort, Runway Change, Clearance, Communication Breakdown, Engine Fire, Medical Emergency, Low Fuel,  Emergency Evacuation

This course has been designed to meet the standards of ICAO Level V 'Extended ' and Level VI 'Expert' - using a variety of interactive activities to improve vocabulary, structure, pronunciation, fluency, comprehension and interaction.