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Category A EASA PART 66 Programme

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Category A EASA PART 66 Programme

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Category A EASA PART 66 Programme

Category A Licensed Technician

Civil Aviation is a highly regulated and respected industry controlled by National Aviation Authorities. To maintain the enviable safety standards that have been established, people working with Aircraft Maintenance industry must be licensed. The CAA regulates licensing and approval of active professional such as pilots, air traffic controllers, licensed aircraft technician and engineers. In other words, technicians are trained and licensed to maintain & certify the line maintenance work that has been carried out on an aircraft and return it to service.

To become licensed aircraft technician the EASA, CAA, U.K. has two requirements.

1:Complete twelve modules of theory
2:Three years of work experience on LIVE aircrafts

Basic Theoretical Knowledge

Basic knowledge levels for each category license have been allocated relating to the complexity of certifications appropriate to the particular license. A Category A applicant must demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge in the required subjects at a pass mark of 75% on the test conducted by EASA PART - 147 Approved Training Organization.

Aero planes Turbine-Engines (A1)

• Module 1 Mathematics
• Module 2 Physics
• Module 3 Electrical Fundamentals
• Module 5 Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems
• Module 6 Materials & Hardware
• Module 7 Maintenance Practices
• Module 8 Basic Aerodynamics
• Module 9 Human Factors
• Module 10 Aviation Legislation
• Module 11 Aero planes Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems
• Module 15 Gas Turbine Engines
• Module 17 Propeller

Essay Paper
In addition to the multi-choice question paper relating to appropriate level and modules required, an essay paper must be taken. The essay paper will comprise questions drawn from the syllabus subjects covering Maintenance Practices (Module 7), Human Factors (Module 9) and Aviation Legislation (Module 10).

Work Experience Requirements
Category A applicants should have three (3) years of practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft. All applicants must meet the full experience requirements. Experience claimed towards a Part-66 license must meet the standards of Part-145 and must be correctly authenticated in a manner acceptable to the Civil Aviation Authority, UK.

Category A1 License Application
After completion of twelve modules and gain three years of Practical Work Experience concurrently, you are eligible to apply for Category A License. Permits the holder to issue certificates of release to service following minor scheduled line maintenance and defect rectification within the limits of tasks specifically endorsed on the authorization.