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Commercial Aircraft Chartering

£ 199

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£ 199

Commercial Aircraft Chartering

£ 199

Commercial Aircraft Chartering

Course Duration

6 Hours (09:00-15:00)

Dates and time zones:

14-11-2019 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
21-11-2019 Central Standard Time (Chicago Time)
3-12-2019 India Standard Time
12-12-2019 Gulf Standard Time
17-12-2019 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
20-12-2019 Central European Time

The course may also be delivered on-site at your premises. Please enquire about this option.

The Course

“Commercial Aircraft Chartering” is a one-day intensive, thoroughly enjoyable and motivational training course that delivers essential knowledge on how to be successful in chartering commercial aircraft in and out.

Airline charter executives will be able to sign more aircraft charter deals, to more qualified customers, realise their expected revenue and repeat business!

The course agenda includes Commercial Aircraft Chartering:

Principles and Basics

Customer Qualification

Operating Costs


Payment Schedules

Contracts and Contracting

Project Management


The Audience

This course is ideal for employees and executives of airlines, and brokerage firms dealing with commercial aircraft charters (in and out).  The course is designed with the commercial teams of airline charter departments in mind.

If you are applying for a new airline job, get your self trained and be amongst those who are certified by Aircraft Requests Ltd to deal with commercial aircraft chartering.

Are you a senior airline executive reorganising the aircraft charters department or recruiting newcomers? Ask us to train your managers to the highest standard in aircraft chartering

Are you a brokerage firm in need of training newcomers or enhancing the knowledge of existing ones in aircraft chartering? Our training programme will enhance your employees' expertise in commercial aircraft chartering.

Commercial, finance, operations, and legal professionals within the airline industry will find “Commercial Aircraft Chartering” immensely valuable.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate issued by Aircraft Requests Ltd, a well-respected name within the air transport


The Trainers

The course is delivered by experienced aviation professionals who have successfully managed aircraft charter deals as airline executives and senior aviation brokers.

Our instructor-led online classes allow you to attend the course from home or the office without the need to travel.

The live online course is delivered in different time zones. Just visit the course calendar section of our site. If your time zone is not there, or you wish to participate on a different date, let us know!