Cabin Crew Academy
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You have always known that you want to be a flight attendant or flight attendant, you know this is your profession. You want to be there, helping people to have a better flight, a different way of travel.

A cabin crew knows the entire program one month in advance: flight days, guard days, etc. Once on the plane, the functions will be to check the emergency material, check all exits, lights and safety belts, make all announcements by public address system, show emergency exits, check the bathrooms to prevent fires and attend the consultations of passengers

You must be very clear that you will always be facing the public and that you will be the image of the company, where you will be all empathy and education. In addition, your main function will be to ensure the safety of each and every passenger.

To get to that, in the auxiliary course of TCP flight or with the Flight Stewardess course, you will train intensively, with theoretical and practical tests that you will surely overcome by putting all your efforts.

If your dream is to work flying, welcome aboard!

CABIN CREW ACADEMY, in MÁLAGA , is a reference center for Aeronautical Training authorized by AESA (State Air Safety Agency), to deliver the training program to obtain the TCP (Flight Azafat @) title.

The flight attendants and flight attendants (TCP) course at CABIN CREW ACADEMY is developed through an intensive process of DAILY PRESENT CLASSES with the theoretical and practical elements of both general and specific tasks and knowledge necessary to perform and obtain your certificate as Passenger Cabin Crew in any EU member country

The interest of the program is focused on THE LABOR INSERTION FAST AND EFFECTIVELY through an indefinite and personalized work monitoring.

Our school collaborates closely with iJet, ( iJet ) executive aviation company, and other international airlines, which allows us to carry out various activities and visits of our students to various facilities and aircraft in Malaga airport exclusively. In this way, you can see in the first person what the world of aviation is like.

Possibility of accommodation during the course in University Residence.


Some of the functions that you will be able to perform with our Passenger Cabin Crew training are:

Passenger assistance and cabin surveillance
General aviation security aspects
General theoretical knowledge of aviation
Regulations and aeronautical institutions
Human factors and CRM
Fire and smoke fighting training
Dangerous goods
Aeronautical Medicine / First Aid
On board service
Aviation Protocol
Appearance and personal image
Aeronautical english
Airplane Simulator Practices
Treatment of conflicting passengers. Advanced immobilization techniques under the rules of the Chicago 1944 agreement
• Preparation for selection in the Airline
• Work Monitoring and Advice
• Visits to different sectors of the airport and seminars


• Be over 18, from 17 years of age with parental authorization

• Have the ESO or Baccalaureate degree

• Minimum recommended height: women 1.57 m, men 1.68 m

• Swimming knowledge

• Physical profile appropriate to the profession

Additional Information

Face-to-face course with SIMULATOR PRACTICES.

Indefinite and personalized LABOR FOLLOW-UP.

Approved or Authorized by AESA (State Air Safety Agency) MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT.

CABIN CREW ACADEMY is an exclusive personnel provider for the IJET company.

And partner of several international companies. 

Possibility of accommodation during the course in University Residence.