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Practical Flight Training

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Practical Flight Training

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Practical Flight Training

Whats included?
Our practical courses are tailored to your requirements, therefore no two courses are alike. As standard you will get:

A professional instructor who has years of training experience and is a current commercial drone pilot. This ensures your training in up to date and relevant.
In addition we can provide:

A training location. We have a number of venues around the country, and we are also willing and able to travel to your training location, subject to our approval and acceptance.
Training drones. We have a fleet of purposefully developed training drones. These are designed to take a knock or two, and most importantly, they have dual controls. This means the instructor can regain control from the candidate to avoid an accident. We find that this is a really useful learning tool, it helps give candidates confidence knowing they are in a safe and controlled environment. The benefit is they tend to then relax and focus on learning rather than worry about crashing.


What do I need to bring?
If preferred or in addition, your own drone
As many fully charged flight batteries as required for the length of time you wish to fly for
Suitable clothing for all weather types
Suntan lotion (if you are lucky)
Food and drink in order to sustain you for the day

Course options

This will last for 3 hours. Though this doesn’t sound like much time, but when you are concentrating on learning new skills, the focus required can be exhausting. We recommend this for complete beginners and advanced pilots looking to improve their skills. In some cases its better do several short sessions and practice in between, as a break gives your brain the time to consolidate what has been learnt. You’ll be amazed how much we can teach in such a short amount of time. A half day is also a preferred option for those looking to practice on their own drone and only have a few batteries.

A full day consists of 6 hours training with a lunch break. This is usually preferred by those who already have a little experience and wish to accelerate their skill level rapidly and or conduct application specific training. We usually fly a mix of our training drones and the candidates drone to give a broader range of experience so that the pilot doesn’t become conditioned to one type of aircraft. A full day is also popular for small groups who are happy to share an instructors time in order to save costs.

We have a range of fixed wing drones on which we can provide both manual and automated flight experience and instruction. Flying fixed wing aircraft is very different to multi rotors as they cannot stop. This has inherent risk and requires careful consideration and that can only come with experience. We can tailor our training to your requirements as manual experience isn’t always necessary for what can be highly automated aircraft with little option for manual intervention.

We have a 14kg Octocopter which is set up with dual controls which can be used to help ease pilots into operating larger drones. It is surprisingly intimidating to fly larger multi-rotors and we can significantly ease the burden and increase confidence, while minimising any risk to what can be very expensive drones.