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Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 1


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Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 1


Processing, Inspection and Repair Level 1

Do you want to learn all about the basics principles and concept of composites? With this training, the (future) composite repair technician will have a solid base to manufacture composite and perform inspections and repairs.

The level 1 training course is divided in 3 modules:

Module 1 is Advanced Composites: Processing
Module 2 is Advanced Composites: Inspection
Module 3 is Advanced Composites: Repair

Module: Processing of composites

Theoretical (14 hours)
-Introduction composites
-Definitions and applications
-Human factors
-Health, safety and environment
-Damage of fibre reinforced plastics
-Design requirements
-Use of repair documentations (SRM, AMM)
-Safety issues

Practical (26 hours)
-Introduction repairs
-Fabricate monolithic fiberglass panel (wet lay-up)
-Fabricate carbon fibre and honeycomb sandwich panel
-Apply vacuum bag
-Vacuum debulking-identifying problems
-Perform scarfed repair

This course complies with guidelines of:
SAE Publications

-AIR4844   Composites and Metal Bonding Glossary
-AIR5719   Teaching Points for an Awareness Class on "Critical Issues in Composite Maintenance and Repair"
-AIR6291   Guidelines for Repair Process Evaluation of Aluminum Bonded Structure
-ARP6262  Basic Composite Repair Technician Certification Standard

FAA and EASA Publications

-Part 147 EASA
-AMC 20-29 Composite Aircraft Structure
-FAA AC 20-107B Composite Aircraft Structure
-FAA AC 65-33 Development of Training/ Qualification Programs for Composite Maintenance Technicians
-FAA AC 43-214 Repairs and Alterations to Composite and Bonded Aircraft Structure

5 working days, 40 hours

Start 08:00
Break 12:00 / 12:45 
End 17:00